Who am I?

Outgoing and friendly
Excellent writer
Great project manager
Equally comfortable in a
  suit or jeans
Half-full guy
Fosters creativity
 Strong team leader
Cultivates relationships
Cares about community

Speaks mind freely
Prefers sans serif type
Great with apostrophes 
Proficient with AP style
Creates fun environments
Favors Lou Malnati’s Pizza
Enjoys coffee shops
(prefers dark roast)
Plays guitar
Listens to James Taylor
Loves musical theatre
Lifelong baseball fanatic

Barry Reszel
945 Windhaven Road
Libertyville, IL 60048
Home: 847-549-7691; Cell: 847-404-4121
E-mail: barryreszel@gmail.com
You may also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn

My first career choice was major league shortstop,
but unfortunately, I couldn’t hit the curve.
So here are the things I've accomplished instead:

Owner, ChicagolandMusicalTheatre.com
A dynamic community for passionate participants
and patrons of musical theatre in Chicago
and its suburbs

Owner, Creative Editorial
Clients have included the National Federation
of Priests’ Councils, CMC Advisory Group,
Cook Memorial Library District,
makeitbetter.net and others
Higher learning

         MA Journalism,
                            University of North Carolina
                            at Chapel Hill

    BA Journalism, English,
    Secondary Education
      University of Iowa

​Reporter, Editor,
Daily and Weekly
LaGrange, IL; Chapel Hill, NC
Iowa City, IA; LaBelle, FL

Marketing Manager, KPMG
San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL

President and Co-Founder
Liberty Town Productions, NFP

Program Director / Lead Organizer
At-Home Dads’ National Conventions
(2nd-10th annual at Oakton Community College)

Communication Consultant
Hewitt Associates
Lincolnshire, IL

Libertyville Village Trustee
Musical Theatre Producer
Theatre Reviewer
Concert Promoter
Book Author and Editor
School District 70 Strategic Planning Committee Member

Branding Strategist and Event Planner
Church Council Leader
Libertyville Little League Baseball Manager
Libertyville Girls’ Softball Manager
Founder/Manager, Lake County Stealth
(sane travel baseball team) 
Director of Umpires,
Libertyville Girls’ Softball Association
Libertyville Summer Pickup Baseball
Youth Soccer Coach
Neighborhood Association President
Husband to Lori
Dad to Bradford and Christina